Will and his team of consultants helped us integrate 150+ IT applications into a newly aquired hospital we merged into our multi-site health care system. Will himself is very personable and highly knowledgeable. He took the time to get to know us and help us direct the integration and experience of 1,700+ employees – leaders and staff. I will definitely seek out Will if a similar opportunity arises.
As President of Broadwell Group, Will has occasionally worked as a business partner with Cornerstone. Recently, Will joined us on an extensive organization analysis engagement for a multi-billion cell phone company in Seattle, Washington. Will is a terrific person and resource to have as a partner on any client engagement.
• Demonstrates the highest levels of professionalism in his work, demeanor and appearance.
• Provides leadership in handling major interactions with, and expectations of executive clients.
• Has an Innate ability to sense “real” issues in a complex situation.
• Has the ability to clearly communicate how a business area under discussion relates to other spheres of business activity.
• Good strategic thinker. Well respected and trusted by clients.
• Establishes long standing relationships with clients.
Will is a superb leader and although he possesses astute strategic vision and skills, he will roll up his sleeves and execute whenever necessary. If I were going to battle, I would want Will either by my side or leading the charge!
… navigated us through a very complex software selection process with great professionalism and outstanding results for all parties.
Will demonstrated solid leadership skills on the Oracle engagement at MCS. He showed good balance understanding the business and technical issues so we could navigate through the process of engineering a comprehensive solution that met all the needs of the business. It truly was a company transformation – people, process, and technology. Will’s personable and experienced approach made the journey more enjoyable and productive.
They listened to all the stakeholders and provided timely communication to all the constituents of the project. We simply could not have accomplished this monumental feat without our teammates.
Will Melson’s leadership, and ability to maintain composure with remarkable equanimity was par excellence. We never felt that we were working with a group of consultants, Will and his team felt like family from the very commencement of the project.